The Whole Counsel of God: An Introduction to Your Bible


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In The Whole Counsel of God, popular writer and podcaster Fr. Stephen De Young gives an overview of what the Bible is and what is its place in the life of an Orthodox Christian, correcting many Protestant misconceptions along the way. Issues covered include inspiration, inerrancy, the formation of the biblical canon, the various texts and their provenance, the place of Scripture within Orthodox Tradition, and how an Orthodox Christian should read, study, and interpret the Bible.

About the Author: Fr. Stephen De Young is the author of God Is a Man of War and The Religion of the Apostles from Ancient Faith Publishing. He is the pastor of Archangel Gabriel Orthodox Church (Antiochian) in Lafayette, Louisiana, and holds a PhD in Biblical Studies from Amridge University. He hosts The Whole Counsel of God podcast and co-hosts the Lord of Spirits podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. He is also the author of The Whole Counsel blog on the Ancient Faith Ministries website.


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